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As per Toilet Vastu, toilet should be located in west or northwest direction. C or water closet in west, south or north-west side of West direction. How to fix Vastu Shastra commode? If your toilet happens to be in the south-west direction, you can fix it by using a couple of Vastu remedies. Saturday, November 21.

Normally, the toilets suitable location is at Northwest direction. Do not have a septic tank placed in the north-eastern corner or any toilets. · The toilet door should be one or two feet above. Northeast Toilet is Acceptable as Per Vastu. &0183;&32;Vastu Tips for Toilet & Bathroom has a proper direction for the things available in the toilet. we will buy/rent a flat in an apartment/individual house Generally we think that is that 2 bedroom flat or 3 bedroom,common toilet or bay window or interiors or cost.

- Toilet & bathroom vastu is vital. Lorem vastu for commode Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. &0183;&32;According to Vastu, toilets and bathrooms if not build according to Vastu, attracts negative energy and drains out positive vibes from our home. Vastu Tips for Office: Guidelines that you should not ignore. Vastu for toilets: Internal arrangement and the correct way to do it. &0183;&32;Vastu Plans for You, A complete Vastu Plans guide along with directions, suggestions for house plots, rooms, parking, doors, toilet to build an auspicious building. Toilet must be built in North, West or Northwest direction.

. The sun light also disinfects the bath room. West Facing House Vastu Plans for a Peaceful Life.

A bathtub should be positionaned so a person in it faces South. The toilet seat should be placed in such a way that the person sitting could face the North or the South. A vastu Designer also can place Puja Room at West Zone of a Home. Vaasthu Shastra for Western Commode | Toilet Vastu: The western commode (A plumbing fixture for urination and defecation ) is a system to use for discharge.

Never keep W. Toilets should be at the west and north-west side of the building. · Face North while sitting in the toilet followed by south as a second option. Read more Vastu Remedies for Toilet in North East Direction. Janu thecompletevasthu Leave a comment. Vastu for vastu for commode Toilets Bath rooms and toilets are also important areas to be maintained and built as per Vastu Shastra for a peaceful living. Keep Himalayan salt in the bathroom, which is a natural ionizer. No point in going by approximation as the remedy f.

One of the Common vastu mistake is toilets. In the first step you will learn the best location, as per vastu, where you can make a toilet or bathroom in your home. vastu tips for toilet bathroom Toilet - Bathroom Vastu Toilets and bathrooms are very important in any building. Fix three vastu strips on the door frame of toilet.

Simply put Vastu. If by hap toilet is placed at undesirable place then surely it would lead to major problems such as finance loss, health problems, mental tension and stress etc. Bedroom Corner Toilets; Don’t build a attached toilet our children/bachelor bedrooms corners. Vastu Dosh remedies for toilet: Given below are some of the remedies which you can adopt to get rid of the Vastu dosh in your toilets. Brahmasthan is a unique feature of ancient Indian architecture based on Vastu Shastra. Direction of Toilet, Doors and Shower, According to Vastu Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional MakeMyCasa. Resident Editor 2 min read. It is the centre of your abode and is considered to be the holiest and most powerful zone of the house.

Smita:Vastu Shastra is not an over the counter medicine (OTC). Vastu dosh in South East direction also affect the married life or in conceiving a child. Not just in terms of direction of rooms, vastu also dictates the right spots for the placement of furniture at home.

vastu for toilets Children Bedroom Vastu-Part II. Vastu remedy for bathroom in North East and vastu remedies for toilet in North East direction. Now we are discussing on how vastu for commode to fix the commode as per Indian Vastu Shastra principles. A toilet facing the front door is also another bad Vastu location. Vastu Shastra lays down certain basic principles to be followed while positioning the toilet in the house.

Vastu-Shastra lays down rules for the placement toilet and WC so that it won’t create any complication for any occupant. The toilet in the South West. Vastu Tips for toilet recommends using marble or tile flooring to the east or north side for toilets or slopes so that water flows only through these drains. The toilets should be away from the residence, but in today’s scenario, it has entered into our house and gradually set adjacent to our bedrooms. Even within a bathroom or toilet the commode should be in the South, West or North-west side of the room with the person sitting on it vastu for commode facing the North or South. This is commonly seen among teenagers and makes a significant paradigm among the youth. Vastu Shastra has specific prescriptions for every area of a home, be it the children’s bedroom, the home office, the meditation room or your kitchen.

answer by Durga 0 votes. You may also construct the toilet in Southern side of the. Vastu for toilets and bathrooms deserves special attention. According to vastu for septic tanks, bathroom pipes must have their outlets in the north or east direction. Toilets must not be made in the center house or at any corner of house. Vastu Tips for Bathroom & Toilet. Shastra means a text which contains knowledge or instructions.

Sometimes it may be good, but for the old age people and having trouble with some health problems, western commode may be good to use. Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building and in the northeast of the building. Your east facing house Vastu plan should also incorporate the following components: Do not have the door positioned towards the 8 th and 9 th padas.

As per Vastu, it must be aligned with the North-South axis of the bathroom. It helps a person to construct the rooms using right directions, placements, colours and positions to increase the positive vibrations. vastu for commode The best location for toilets and bathrooms is the north-west part of the home.

Toilet in South-East Direction: Stress, anxiety and other disorders are developed if the Vastu is not in line as per it should be. WNW, SSW. Toilet in the North-East can adversely affect the finances and prosperity of the family. Since it is the ene. · When considering doing vastu for home, you must pay special attention to make toilets and bathrooms in your home as per rules and guidelines of vastu shastra.

The literal translation of the term ‘Vastu Shastra’ is ‘science of construction’ and offers a detailed version of dos and don’ts for lands and constructed buildings. &0183;&32;Toilet In Bedroom. Electrical fittings, such as geysers, can be placed in the south-east side. The commode should be such that when a person uses it h4e/she never had their face in West or East direction. Vastu is a Sanskrit word which means Vaas: Live Tu: you, a vastu for commode place where you live or dwell. Random placement of the bathroom and its interiors can bring many ill-effects for the occupants of the property. Saral Vaastu – Vastu for House, Business, Wealth, Health and Sucess.

· These days each room has a separate attached bathroom and toilet, but according to Vastu Shastra, bathroom and toilet should not be built attached to the rooms and especially inside the room. The morning and evening rays of the Sun are believed to be extremely beneficial for Health as Vastu is mainly based with the Sun Rays, hence proper windows should be provided in the bathroom. Vastu Advice For Toilet Placement of toilet in a home is most important for the health and wealth of the inmates living there. Vastu for Offices; Vastu for Malls; Vastu for Educational Institution; Vastu for Schools; Vastu for Shops; Vastu for Clinics; Vastu for Hospitals; Vastu for. Generally, the Northeast toilet may not furnish with good results, further, this could damage serenity in the home. So, to safeguard your house from negative energies, here are some of the Vastu Tips for Toilets and Bathrooms, let’s have a look and lead a wonderful life: 1.

Vaasthu Shastra for Western Commode | Toilet Vastu: The western commode (A plumbing fixture for urination and defecation ) is a system to use for discharge. Also Read: Vastu Tips for the Septic Tank. Face North while sitting in the toilet followed by south as a second option. 2 Vastu Shastra Tips For Home in Hindi घर में कबाड़ नहीं रखना. This should not be above or under a pooja room or even a fire or bed space. 9 posts • Page 1 of 1. Post by Trans &187; Wed 8:46 pm Hello every body, I have some questions about location of toilets in House &. Kai baar esa dekha jata hai ki log ghar banvate time toilet ke nirman me jyada savdhaani nhi rakhte hai aur us par baki jagah jitna dhyan nahi dete hai.

A toilet or bathroom, according to vastu, is never located in the center or in the North-east location of a building and it should always be kept at a higher level. Door of the toilet should preferably open towards inwards because the air from inside will be swinged back rather than outside which will bring air towards the room thus brings foul odour as. vastu shastra tips for bathroom and toilet vastu for commode – आम तौर पर बाथरूम और शौचालय घर में सबसे उपेक्षित स्थान है, जिसके बारे में कोई परवाह नहीं करता है। लेकिन इनके स्थान का चुनाव करते वक्त. C on the north-east side as it is more prone to negative vibrations. For the toilet, the place of the angle between the angle of south and. &0183;&32;Vastu Shastra for toilets and bathrooms Save.

Vastu Interior for Toilet Toilets should to be in the northwest of the house/building. &0183;&32;Vastu Shastra, traditionally known as the Indian Science of Architecture, is 5000 years old. Concerning bathroom Vastu, see to it that the commode is towards the north-south axis in the toilet.

What Are Toilet Best Location in Our Home as Per Vastu. Vastu Shastra ke anusaar humare ghar ka har ek kamra aur har chiz sahi tarike se aur sahi jagah par rakhi honi chahiye. This will show you the practical results. The other places where the construction of a toilet can take place is in between the South and the South West. · Vastu for bathroom utilities and fixtures Mirrors in the bathroom should be put up on the northern or eastern wall of the bathroom. Fix energy neutralizer on the ceiling along with light facing upwards. Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom Toilets and bathrooms are places, where we wash and cleanse ourselves. This is done by calculating 16 zones on a net to scale drawing & then only it an be checked.

It should be aligned in the north-south axis. · What to avoid in your east facing house Vastu plan. Bathrooms placed in any direction brings problems in our lives so it is necessary to place it according to vastu as it leads to the health of an individual. Vastu Shastra or Vastu Shilpa Shastra, the ancient mystic science and the art of designing and constructing buildings finds its origin in Stapatya Veda, which in turns is a part of Atharvana Veda, one of the four Vedas. · Vastu for toilets and bathrooms deserves special attention. Best 12 vastu for commode Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet 12 Things TO DO • Construct toilet 1-2 feet higher than ground level • Build toilets in West or North-West side of the room depending on the place of the toilet • Toilets can also be constructed on the South side • Fit the pot, in the toilet, in such a way that while using the commode the.

One should never practice it by reading few articles or books as it can have negative effects and one might also end-up spending a huge amount of money on the building. Toilet sharing a kitchen platform can be corrected by fixing vastu pyramid strips on sharing wall. You can have incense stick, dhoop, or room spray of this flavor. - Vastu For Bathrooms - Vastu Guide for Bathrooms, Vastu Tips for Bathrooms, Vaastu Advice for Bathrooms, Toilet Vastu, Vastu for Toilets, Vastu Advice. Vastu tips for Toilets / Bathrooms in 16 various House zones and remedies for it Effect of Master Bed Room in East, ESE, SE, SSE, South, SSW, SW, WSW, West,.

Vastu Shastra: Vasthu for toilet | Vastu for bathroom | Varahi Vastu | Vastushastram | Amirthalingam MadhuVarahiVastuAmirthalingam_MadhuVarahiVasthuvastu. Additionally, the toilet should be kept closed when it is not being used. · vastu vastu for commode shastra tips for bathroom and toilet – आम तौर पर बाथरूम और शौचालय घर में सबसे उपेक्षित स्थान है, जिसके बारे में कोई परवाह नहीं करता है। लेकिन इनके स्थान vastu for commode का चुनाव करते वक्त. Here you can have the information on Vastu tips, some model plans for home and other buildings. Toilet door (Toilet ka Darwaja) The door.

This will do away with the vastu dosh, if any, in your toilet. Avoid construction of toilet at the centre and in the east, northeast of the house. For an attached toilet, again the North-West side of the room is recommended as per Vaastu. So, adhering to the. A Vastu complaint living place provides inmates a disease free and barrier free house followed by peace, harmony and progress. &0183;&32;Placement of toilet in a home is most important for the health and wealth of the inmates living there. When it has to be an attached toilet, let it be to the northwest side of the particular room.

Vastu for Attached. We should not use as per traditional Indian Vastu Shastra. Subscribe to our Newsletter. It is also suggested to construct the toilet 1-2 feet higher than the ground level. - Copper Pyramid Divider Powerful Vastu Remedies For Virtual Partition, Toilet Defect, Dividing Space To Cure Vaastu Defects Correction Purchase Shop. SKU: P-0067 Categories: Other Useful Products, Toilet, Vastu Shastra Products Tags: bathroom vastu for north facing house, direction of toilet as per vastu, direction of toilet seat according to vastu, direction of toilet seat according to vastu in hindi, main door facing toilet vastu, north east toilet vastu remedies, remedy for negative. A vastu non-compliant bathrooms and toilets can bring health and financial losses. Toilet must never be built in the northeast or eastern corner.

Also make sure that the toilet door is always closed. North East Bedroom vastu remedies: Lavender aroma is good for fighting against Vastu defects in north-east direction. We will build a attached toilet vastu for commode to the corners side of. This is one area of the house which can generate maximum energy and thus needs to be planned very carefully. D ue to the time changing, Toilets become an essential part of the house. &0183;&32;Vastu Dosh: have toilet cum bathroom in north zone and East zone.

Excessive consumption of alcohol, being addicted to drugs are all signs of disruption in astrology and Vastu pattern. But building a septic tank here is a bad Vastu according to some consultants. Make your bath area and toilet your sanctuary with these vastu tips.

• Directions for the things in the Toilet: There is a proper direction for the items available in the toilet in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Tips for toilet suggests aligning the water cupboard on the north-south axis. Vastu for Villa; Vastu for Plots; Vastu for Diagonal Plots; Vastu for Griha Arambha; Vastu for Griha Pravesh; Tips to be followed while purchasing Readymade House; Commercial Vastu Shastra. South East direction is recommended for Master bed room. Vastu for toilet. master bedroom toilets are in southwest corner. So the solution according to Vastu was to build is away from home. Convenience and space crunch brought the toilets and bathrooms not only inside our home but also got it vastu for commode attached with the bedrooms.

Now a day toilet combined with bathroom is becoming popular due to lack of space. Vastu Tips For Bathroom and Toilet 2nd Sep. In India upto 1990&39;s generally, people are using only Indian Style commodes, after that Western-style has came and introduced to the public, prior that the Britishers in India are generally using western commode system in their toilets. 30 vastu shastra tips for home- for better life & prosperity is a comprehensive home vastu shastra guide covering tips for bedrooms, toilet, kitchen, drawing room, puja room etc. Thus, this is an excellent place to position the toilet. Avoid toilet or washroom in diagonal line connecting in between NE and SW corner. Vastu for toilet recommends North-West corner of the house or building to be assigned to the toilet.

In the Vastu shastra, there is no particular direction fixed to place. Problem : I was not getting permotion / growth, even now i have lost job in month of aug. It creates difference and quarrels among family members and even couples. Its not limited to Building Structure only. Vastu for Toilet or Commode: Ideally while constructing or placing toilet/commode in the bathroom you must note that the person sitting on it should face neither The East nor The West direction (in the direction of the Sun). Bathrooms constructed in anywhere in the house leads to complications and severe.

Toilets are an important part of house which is used for elimination of negative energies and wastes from our body. vastu applies o the entire vastu for commode house, be it bedroom, living room and even the washrooms. Vastu dosh in South East direction may affect the health of women in the house.

vastu for commode • Location for the Toilet : The right location for the construction of a toilet is in the west or north-west side of the bedroom. Vastu Shastra “Vastu Shastra Tips” is a science of balancing of the five elements. Square Yards is a technology-enabled real estate. How to make an attached toilet a vastu compliant?

Toilet sharing a temple wall should be corrected by fixing vastu energy plate on back wall of the temple. Vastu principles consider a toilet in the north-east vastu for commode to be a major flaw which can cause acute and consistent health problems. People even prefer to have attached toilets with their bedrooms. If you are investing in your new home, then make sure that the water closet (commode) is aligned at the north-south axis. Toilets in the North or North-East direction generally leads to major health and financial problems in the lives of the inhabitants.

Toilets and bathrooms are – or tend to become – a major source of negative energy if they are not built as per rules and guidelines of vastu. Vastu Tips For Toilets and Bath Rooms : Avoid construction of Toilet and Bathroom Ishaan ( North -East ) Zone. Moderators: shalimar123, eye_of_tiger, suzisco. Salts are always known to be the medium which absorbs all the. Toilets must not be built in the south-west since this may usher in problems and other negative energies. 4) The toilet door/ entrance in correspondence to Vastu:. Vastu kehta hai ki dakshin- purva disha me toilet banvana ashubh.

These days each room has a separate attached bathroom and toilet, but according to Vastu Shastra, bathroom and toilet should not be built attached to the rooms and especially inside the room. An Indian architectural science that brings about well being and happiness by principles based on direction. The ventilation should be on. Effect:-Financial losses, Job – career issue, surgeries.

Like a human body, every house/office is a different study, hence it requires an expert to analyse it. Some tips for building Toilet in the correct direction as per Vastu. Breaking News. As per the Vastu for Toilet, it is important to consider the northeast or southeast direction for the placement of the toilets. Vastu Shastra is the ultimate guide for the construction and architecture of houses. Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building, south-west and in the northeast of the building. Toilet Vastu regulations that you must not ignore Here are some of the vital toilet Vastu regulations that you should keep in mind: North-west is the best place to have bathrooms or toilets.

Don’t choose total flat’s south west corner toilets i. Still, in many villages people are using Indian commodes. Jabki ye jagah bhi humari nivaas ka vishesh hissa hai. · Toilet Vastu regulations that you must not ignore Here are some of the vital toilet Vastu regulations vastu for commode that you should keep in mind: North-west is the best place to have bathrooms or toilets. Do adhere to the following guidelines as far as possible while deciding on the internal arrangements of a toilet or bathroom: Place the commode or WC in the South or North West wall of the toilet. vastu is a science that helps during the construction of a house or building in a manner that proves beneficial in many ways. Best for water cupboards The place is in the west, south or northwest direction of the toilet.

in the bathroom, it is more important that they keep their bathroom in an igneous angle, because the geyser is related to fire. Position of the commode - The commode or water closet is the most vastu for commode negative part of a bathroom and therefore, you must pay special attention to its position. Message by Dr. vastu for commode Toilet seat should place facing either north or south side. Vastu Plans for You, A complete Vastu Plans guide along with directions, suggestions for house plots, rooms, parking, doors, toilet to build an auspicious building.

PM to lay foundation stone of rural drinking water supply projects in Uttar Pradesh; Whatsapp rolls out new shopping button ; IPL 13: Rohit Sharma is the best captain in T20 format, says Sehwag. Bathroom and toilet are basic sections of house sometimes made anywhere which tends to give negative energy because both the places have a specific location according to Vastu principles. The other thing to watch out for in bathrooms, as per Vastu tips for wealth, is to repair dripping taps and water leakages in the. It may create several problems in the home. It is also credible to make it Vastu-comp.

&0183;&32;Well, first we need to understand the procedures involved in deciding weather a toilet is in NE or not. Resident Editor 1 min read. Its good to keep the bathroom clean, as proper sanitation lets positive energies flow freely. Vastu rules for bathroom with attached toilet Placement of commode or water closet. The North East direction is the source of.

homify homify. Is vastu a toilet? &0183;&32;Vastu for Toilets.

For the houses where there is arrangement of geysers etc. Email * About Us. And next one is any. 1 Vastu Tips For Home in Hindi – घर के लिए वास्तु टिप्स.

Ensure that it should be in the negative directions of the premises located in southern or western sectors. Simple Corrections As Per Vastu For Toilet. Avoid having a toilet above the main door, it is highly inauspicious according to the Vastu. Avoid constructing toilets in the south-west direction as this tends to bring about ill-effects. Vastu Consultant | Vastu Expert for Home & Officevastu tips for toilet commode wc com Article by Vastuplus - India's Leading Vastu Shastra Consultant. It includes Map, material used, Colors schemes, Flooring, Interiors, Geopathic aka electro magnetic field calculations.

Avoid installing the toilet in the centre or even in the north east or south-west corner of your house. There are also vastu tips and guidelines for the bathroom and toilet in terms of their direction and position. &0183;&32;Vastu Remedy for Toilet in the wrong Direction: FOR TOILETS – CLICK HERE If you have any Negative toilets in your home or there are some Toilets in your house that are in the wrong direction or there are some Toilets sharing a common wall with pooja room or with the kitchen then this spray for negative toilets is very beneficial for such individuals or houses. These places are the sources of negative energy in your home. Vastu emphasizes on the wellbeing and the health of an individual and it can be positively maintained by aligning the commode in the correct direction.

Toilets in the northeast. We should rather avoid attached Toilet with bedrooms. Guidelines of Vastu for Toilets One can build a toilet in the North West with an attached drainage pipe. But with changing time, even humans too changed. Vastu Tips for toilet and bath rooms in a flat: The east and west portion of the house is best for constructing a bathroom as per Vastu principles. Bathrooms and toilets are no different when it comes to complying with the guidelines and regulations of the vastu Shastra in homes. Trans Posts: 1 Joined: Wed 7:25 pm. &0183;&32;Major Vastu Defects with Effects:-Staircase in the northeast.

The commode should be fixed in such a position so that a person while sitting on it is neither facing the East nor the North direction. When considering doing vastu for home, you must pay special attention to make toilets and bathrooms in your home as per rules and guidelines of vastu shastra. The toilet. To keep all vastu for commode the negative energies away from the toilet, make sure to place W. etc but these are not necessary in Vastu shastra. Since bathrooms are associated with negative energy, as per Vastu, the toilet bowl should be placed facing from north to south.

Toilets in the North direction or toilets in the North-East direction of any property is bad according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. The second option could be the South-East direction. Placement of toilet. North East is the direction of God and is the most auspicious direction in vastu shastra. Vastu-Shastra lays down rules for the placement of toilet and WC so that it won’t create any complication for any occupant.

Unique and Scientific Vastu Solution. • The door of the Toilet: The. No five corners if any bedroom. The magnetic field of the earth plays a very important role in formulating Vaastu Shastra which can significantly influence human life. Exhaust fans, or if you have a window for ventilation, must face the east or north-east direction. Gone are the times where the toilets were located outside vastu for commode the house to avoid any negativity coming in. Must use these vastu remedies for North East toilet and for Bathroom in North East.

Here are 15+ simple tips, as per Vastu for toilets and bathrooms, that will help you. · Make your bath area and toilet your sanctuary with these vastu tips Vastu Shastra has specific prescriptions for every area of a home, be it the children’s bedroom, the home office, the meditation room or your kitchen. Such a bath cum toilet facility is also often found to be a part of the bedroom or just adjacent to it. Attached Toilet should be constructed on the Western side of the Bedroom.

Placement of septic tank. Since the bathroom and toilet are interrelated and both are located close by. Making an attached toilet a vastu compliant one is a three step process. Toilet pot facing east or west is a vastu defect. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry&39;s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

According to Vastu for bathroom, the doors must never be in the southwest direction. Vastu for Toilets suggests, toilets should to be in the northwest and south east corner of the house or building or bedrooms. No Toilet in the North East of the bedroom as per Vastu Shastra, in case there is one put a green bulb inside the toilet and keep it on always. The distance of dinning and Kitchen should be minimum.

&0183;&32;Buy Vastu Book:- to/2XWHW0t According to Vaastu Shastra, combined toilet and bathroom are not recommended but still they are in use because of i. Since you are emotionally attached to your home and share a harmonious vibration with home and same way the home also shares same vibrations with you. Never keep it north-east because it is prone to negative vibrations. One should ease while facing West or North; Sleeping.

People often regard it as a manuscript for bringing positivity to the home environment, increasing earning potential and. Western Commodes and Positions as per vastu shastra: - This is the western commode facing towards East direction, it is totally wrong. 1 Puja Ghar पूजा घर से सटा हुआ या पूजा घर के ऊपर या नीचेशौचालय नहीं होना चाहिए. &0183;&32;(Vastu Remedies for Toilet- Vastu defects if toilet placed in the Wrong direction- Vastu Tips for the Toilet) Hence, the toilet room produces energies which affected the house very badly. The slope. Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom is an essential need for every home and office space.

Many of you may not be comfortable with your stomach and suffer often with pain, constipation, indigestion. A north-east corner staircase is also available and so is the kitchen. Toilets and bathrooms are – or tend. Remidy : i painited 4 inch blue strip in both the toilet I placed kuber, money plant in green bottle and placed lush green sceanry in north zone, I kept my educational and job exp certificate in west zone. &0183;&32;Vastu for Toilets & Bathrooms: Important Tips that you can. Vastu restricts doors, toilet/bathroom or an underground water body in South East direction.

If toilets and bathrooms are not well-positioned in your home then it may lead to causing obstacles in life. Toilet floor (Sauchalay ka farsh) Toilet floor is an important thing. Non vastu toilet brings problems; you MUST apply vastu tips & make toilet/bathroom vastu compliant. Effect:- Serious stress to the owner of the house. One of the major Vastu mistake vastu for commode is at the Children bedroom or bachelor bedrooms are attached Toilets i. . If the toilet is separately constructed from the bedroom, then north-west side works the best whereas if there is an attached toilet, then west direction suits well.

Vaastu Tips For Dining Room : Dinning room is preferable in West, East, and South Direction. By implementing these rules, you can make sure to utilize this space without affecting the overall vastu of the home. All light and heavy machinery within the factory must be positioned on the eastern or northern side. Placement of Toilets and Bathroom.

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